Caring for the environment

Caring for the environment image

When attending a funeral service you are often reminded of the legacy that a loved one leaves behind and you may consider your own to date.  At Neville Funeral Service the owners and directors see themselves as stewards of a business and the legacy each generation leaves behind is based on the ethos and culture that they have fostered during their times as stewards.

The company over its history has always looked to be part of the community in which we serve and has taken a long-term view, looking for a sustainable business rather than short-term profit.  A recent example of this was the company’s belief in green funerals and over ten years ago the business became a founder investor in the Colney Wood Woodland Memorial Park, a business that had a vision of providing environmentally friendly burials for clients and this has matured into a business with three woodland sites in operation.

As a business we have looked to reduce the impact on the environment through the use of brown energy, minimising waste, and having a positive effect through tree planting and support of community projects such as Groundworks.  We also offer a wide range of services and products with an environmentally friendly theme including Greener Goodbyes coffins and pre-payment plans, and woodland burial sites.

Please do not hesitate to ask our funeral arrangers about these services.