Burial image

The things you need to consider when you choose to have the person who has died buried, are

  • The choice of burial grounds (including cemeteries and churchyards) in the locality of where the person lived
  • The sort of memorial you would like on the grave. This will be determined by the rules of the churchyard or cemetery concerned.

It is possible to be buried outside of the local area. This however nearly always incurs a more expensive fee and is at the discretion of the relevant burial authority.

You may also like to consider the option of a green or woodland burial. There are several sites available depending upon where you live and how far you are prepared to travel.

When choosing the place of burial, considering the type of memorial you would like is an important part of the process. Most burial grounds and cemeteries have regulations regarding the types of memorials they allow and it is important that these regulations are observed.

Our funeral arrangers and memorial advisors will be happy to explain to you the choices available.

Many people also like to choose a different type of coffin when a person is buried. There are many choices available. If you decide on a green or woodland burial then an ‘eco-friendly’ coffin is essential but these can also be used in more traditional burial grounds. Alternatively you may opt for more standard traditional designs which are available in a variety of finishes. We liaise with a number of reputable suppliers to give you a wide variety of choice.