Cremation image

When you are planning a cremation there are a number of considerations for you to think about

  • Would you like the funeral service to take place entirely at the crematorium chapel or would you prefer to go to a place of worship first (this would normally be a place with which the deceased has been associated)
  • There are time limits at the crematorium (usually 45 minutes) for the length of the service.
  • Is there a particular crematorium you would like to use?

Neville Funeral Service will contact the crematorium of your choice as part of making the funeral arrangements. We will also be able to advise you of the choices available for cremated remains (ashes).  Below are detailed some of the options which might be open to you.

  • Cremated remains can be scattered at the crematorium where the cremation took place, alternatively they can be sent to another crematorium for scattering if appropriate.
  • You may wish to keep the cremated remains.
  • Cremated remains may be buried. This can take place in:
    • A family burial plot, if space permits
    • A new plot – if available in your area. This might include a Woodland Burial Ground.
  • We will keep the cremated remains for you, for a period of up to six months (after which we will ask you to collect them). The cremated remains are kept in our unique and beautiful library, where they are placed in a handcrafted book casket in a colour of your choice. Here you may visit the remains and add your thoughts to our Book of Remembrance if you wish.

There is a wide variety of containers available for cremated remains ranging from the traditional wooden casket to eco friendly bamboo urns. You can discuss the options with any of our funeral arrangers who will advise you according to the final resting place of the remains and we have a number of samples we can show you.