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Funerals often follow a set procedure and below is an outline of what usually happens – do remember though, this can be changed to suit individual needs

On the day of the funeral the funeral director who is looking after you will telephone you before he leaves our offices. This is to reassure you that everything is going as it should and find out if there are any last minute things you need.

You may be meeting us where the funeral is taking place or alternatively leaving from an address to follow in cortege to where the funeral is happening. Whatever your choice, the funeral director will guide you every step of the way and advise you if you have any queries. Once the cortege has arrived where the funeral is to take place, you may be asked to remain seated in the car until the funeral director has checked everything is in order. When the funeral director is satisfied everything is as it should be, he will ask you to get out of the car and at the same time arrange for the coffin to be drawn from the hearse. You will then follow the coffin in, along with other family members and maybe close friends. The Funeral Director will lead the procession and the coffin will be placed at the front. The funeral director will then help guide you and other mourners to your seats.

If the service is being held at the crematorium, depending on the design, the curtains will close or the coffin will disappear from view as the words of committal are spoken. If the service is being held in another place e.g. a church the coffin is usually carried out during the closing moments of the service (often during the last piece of music). At this point at the crematorium – once you have gathered your thoughts the funeral director will guide you from the crematorium. If in church the funeral director will signal you to follow the coffin.

Whatever form the service takes, the funeral director will be on hand at all times to guide and assist you.