An Amazing 86 Years of Service!

Today brings the retirements of 2 of our colleagues within the Neville Group of Companies who between them have completed 86 years of service!

Every one of us across the group bids them a very fond goodbye and wish them a well-deserved, happy and healthy retirement!

Sandy Simpson retires from our sister company Neville Joinery on 31 March after more than 48 years of service.

He will however be coming in for 2 days a week for a few months to assist Paul Radford, our new Joinery director in learning everything there is to know about Neville Joinery.

Throughout Sandy’s time at Neville’s he has held three Director appointments – Leisuredeck, T & E Neville and Neville Joinery.

Sandy says he remembers starting his career in 1971 like it was yesterday; “Back then the company would have taken on three carpentry and joinery apprentices, and a couple of painters, plumbers and bricklayers.

We would all meet for the first time and wait for Peter Henman to welcome us, who in those days, looked after the apprentices”; Peter Henman recalls interviewing Sandy very many years ago!

Sandy tells us “I have really enjoyed being a part of the Neville’s family and I put this down to the great people I have worked with. We have had some fantastic characters during my time here, and some are still with us.

I have also been incredibly lucky to have had full employment from my start date, as well as the pleasure of visiting Monte Carlo, Munich, Madrid, Costa del Sol, Paris, Portugal, Ireland and Scotland mostly due to our work with McDonald’s”.

Sandy is looking forward to look to the next chapter his of life and doing some of the things on his bucket list with his wife Rose.

Mary O’Dell is also retiring today from Neville Funerals after 38 years working within The Neville Group of Companies.

Mary says “It feels strange to be retiring, although I’ve been here for such a long time, it has all passed so quickly”.

Mary started her career in T&E Neville – the construction company looking after salaries, bills of quantities and other areas in accounts support.

Following the sudden death of Mary’s husband John, she felt that she wasn’t ready to return to full time work and was offered a part time job in accounts within Neville Funerals where she has been very happily working ever since.  Mary says that the company was a great support to her at this time.

Mary’s friend Fiona (now in HR) remembers: “When I first started back in 2005, Mary worked with Sheila Witherspoon in accounts for funeral side, and back then nobody would get away with a thing; they worked so well together and their attention to detail was amazing.

I used to help them out on occasions, and quite often, they would have me looking for a penny that was out on the sales book, this could take hours sometimes, but they wouldn’t let it go, I had to find it! Mary has a very witty sense of humour and she will be missed by everyone around here”.

Mary is held in great regard and with affection across the group – and as the staff at Barclays knew her very well – they were all very worried for her when she broke her leg last year.  Thankfully she is recovered from that now.

Mary says that she is really going to miss everyone but is looking forward to doing some volunteer work with the Talking Elephants and Lea Bereavement support groups when the sessions start up again.


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