Client Code of Conduct

Neville Funeral Services Ltd (“us/we/our”)  staff treat our client and customers with courtesy and respect and we ask for the same in return.  The majority of individuals who engage our services communicate with us in a polite and courteous matter.  This policy is aimed to how we manage the unreasonable behaviours.

Our staff have the right to carry out their work without violence, abuse, discrimination or harassment.  Any behaviour, whether verbal or physical, which causes staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened is not tolerated.  We are committed to providing a safe and dignified work environment for our staff, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, religion or any other aspect of their identity.

This Code of Conduct includes aggression, or threats made in person, over the telephone or in written communication.

Aggressive/threatening behaviour may include:

  • Attempted or actual aggressive threatening physical actions made towards any member of staff.
  • The use of aggressive, threatening or abusive language (including the raising of voice and shouting) which threatens or intimidates staff.
  • Inappropriate religious, cultural or racial comments or insults, including racial stereotypes and judgments based on an individual’s accent, appearance, race or age.
  • Homophobic, bi-phobic or transphobic comments.
  • Sexist or other derogatory remarks.

Where a client is aggressive or abusive, we may decide to:

  • Terminate telephone calls / appointments / meetings.
  • Report violent conduct to the police.
  • Ask you to modify your behaviour.
  • Terminate all direct contact with the client.

Unreasonable demands may include:

  • Requesting responses in unreasonable timescales.
  • Insisting on speaking with certain members of staff.

Unreasonable contact levels:

  • Excessive contact in short periods of time.
  • Inundating our staff with calls / emails which become excessive.
  • Submitting requests to multiple staff members on the same topic which can result in the disruption to our services.

This policy applies throughout the company.  It also applies to any employee or director away from the business premises.  All staff have the authority to manage unreasonable behaviour.

Thank you for being courteous to our staff.