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Fei Ping Yeung

6 May 1963 - 7 May 2023

In April ‘21, Fei was told the devastating news that she had stage 4 pancreatic cancer. With treatment she was told she had a year. Fei endured a gruelling 25 rounds of chemo. Although this left her debilitated and feeling ill, it meant that during breaks in treatment, she was able to enjoy life. She was able to spend time with her new grandsons Jax and Caleb, along with her beloved Leo.
She watched her son get married, she managed a trip to Shropshire, Centre Parcs, not to mention the many days out and fun days in. She met her new grandchild Lucy and enjoyed lots of cuddles. Every spare minute she felt ok, her sewing machine was out or she baked the most amazing treats. Most importantly, it meant that she had more time with her soul mate TK, who nursed her, looked after her and loved her. Because of the position of the pancreas, the illness is often detected too late. Early signs are jaundice, light stools, dark urine and losing weight. The statistics are dire, with stage 4, only 1% make it to 3 years. Fei fought hard to be in that 1% however a long stint in hospital between Aug-Nov ‘22 with 2 bouts of sepsis, bile duct blockage, liver failure with pancreatitis thrown in, meant that she was left very weak. We didn’t expect her to survive this but miraculously she did. In Feb ‘23, we were told Fei had weeks left. She desperately wanted to meet her 5th grandchild due in early June, and she did so well making months but in the end her pain was too much. A day after her 60th, where we celebrated by her bedside, on the 7th May ‘23, Fei passed away. There were only 2 lines of treatments offered to Fei, this is just not good enough. Pancreatic cancer has one of the lowest survival rates and a lot more funding needs to go into researching more treatment options for this cancer and looking into earlier detection. We know this is what Fei would have wanted. As a family, we thank you in advance.

Passed away on 07 May 2023, aged 60 years.