Hemel Hempstead Branch Refurbishment

On Friday, just before Branch Co-ordinator Pauline Crumpton went on holiday, we were able to unveil the work that our sister company Neville Special Projects have done upstairs at The Marlowes to refurbish what was a very tired and unused space.

Remarkably Pauline had resisted going up there during the works!

There is now a new bathroom, kitchen and seating area, archive room and big office space which allows us to accommodate a second member of staff at Hemel Hempstead and will give us two arrangement rooms.

Additionally the chapel has been refurbished and the final touches are being done to decorating and re-flooring the mortuary and additional areas, as well as widening the back door, so that every area is fresh and updated. The car park has been surfaced and whilst still to be lined will provide a lot more parking and turning for our clients and visiting staff .


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