Hitchin Fireworks Colouring Competition

NFS Hitchin are delighted to have been involved in working with Oughton Primary & Nursery School who kindly accepted Neville’s invitation to the school’s pupils to enter a Bonfire Night themed colouring competition with a chance to win a prize.

Each pupil received a copy of our firework colouring competition paper to take home, the competition entrants were encouraged to create their most memorable fireworks night.

We had a good response back; it was then just a case of picking the winners – not an easy task! The winners were divided into year groups ranging from reception; aged 4, to year 5; aged 10.

After the tricky task of choosing the best design from each year, the lucky 6 received their prizes of gift vouchers presented to them in their afternoon assembly by Shaun on Friday 4th November. The pupils will also have their prize winning entries posted on the NFS website.

We are very pleased with the response for this project and we are already planning our next venture with a few of the schools and churches in the area ready for Christmas.


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