Neville Funerals Christmas Charity Campaign 2020: Supporting the Homeless This Winter.

When we launched our campaign back in November, our aim was to try and support and publicise the work of those truly inspirational and essential charities that provide vital help, food and shelter to the homeless across our region and in our communities.

The pandemic has meant many fundraising events just didn’t happen for these amazing organisations and indeed caused many to find themselves homeless for the first time. But we are in awe of the people and volunteers who are determined to make the impossible happen and make sure that services have continued to be delivered, to find beds, food and supplies.

Just as we are in awe of the amazing and kind support of our communities – who have filled our donation boxes to overflowing. Every single contribution will go a long way in supporting a vulnerable person this Christmas.

You have all done a remarkable job!
Our teams are now busy sorting out deliveries to the charities, so we can get all goods in use and circulation as soon as possible.

We hope that you all have a fantastic festive seasonFrom all the teams at Neville Funerals!

If you would like to donate directly to these charities, further details can be found on the following websites:;;;;;;;


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