Our Bereavement Support Services

After the death of a loved one, some people value having access to bereavement counselling, or simply to be able to meet with people who are also surviving the loss of a loved one.

Neville Funerals actively looks to support organisations that provide help and support for the bereaved. Our involvement in and financial support of the Lea Bereavement Support Service is a key part our commitment, but we also support many of the local and national charities that have teams working locally, our meeting and function rooms are used by organisations such as Cruse Bereavement Care and the Road Victims Trust. In the last three years we have been working in conjunction with local hospices and organisations to run a drop in session for those who have been bereaved to talk and share their feelings which has grown in popularity.

Lea Bereavement Support Service is a free bereavement support course run regularly throughout the year to help with the practicalities of bereavement for those who have lost partners. Each course lasts for six weeks and whilst initially exploring the psychological effects of loss and grief, the following sessions then go on to look at subjects such as managing finances, food matters, advice on sleep problems and generally taking care of yourself.

Talking Elephants is our well-attended free monthly bereavement support group for those who would appreciate a friendly face and some support, meeting for coffee and conversation.

If you or anyone you know would benefit from attending one of our groups or courses, please telephone the team on 01582 499680.

Alternatively, email talkingelephants@nevillefuneralservice.com

Following the temporary suspension on running our groups imposed by Covid 19 restrictions, we are currently organising a relaunch of Talking Elephants in several venues near to our branches. We will be posting regular updates on dates, times and locations on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Supporting a child through bereavement and beyond

Neville Funerals have published the booklet “Supporting a child through bereavement and beyond”.
You may find the attached flipbook version helpful.

Click the front cover to see the publication

‘I’ve found it very helpful to be with people in the same situation and to know that the way I feel is normal.’

‘Good opportunity to meet people in the same situation and discuss various scenarios that confront us.  Good to meet new people and receive bereavement counselling near me’.

‘This is my first time here and I have found everybody to be very welcoming and friendly.  They have listened to me and I have had the opportunity to speak about my loss and hear about theirs.  Hopefully next month will be a bit easier and maybe not so many tears.’

‘I have made friends.  I enjoy the biscuits (cake would be nice occasionally though).  I have been given good advice sometimes.  It’s good to talk and have a sympathetic listener or two.  It’s a helpful group and a good idea.’

‘I had to write to tell you about the bereavement counselling course run at Barton Village Hall back in February.  A group of us attended this amazing course and at the end of the course 5 of us decided to carry on meeting.  We arranged this on the first Thursday of every month for lunch.  We then changed to accommodate one of the attendees and are meeting Monday evenings. This is all due to the course you run, we have become good friends and are of all different ages but have the bond of bereavement.  We all helped each other on good and bad times and with sorting out financial issues connected with the loss, we now meet as friends.’

‘Gave me hope for moving forward.’

‘I thought it was well thought out and well presented.  I decided to attend as I felt I would benefit from help in a practical sense and support from people in the same position as me.’

‘This has been a great opportunity at a time when all seemed a bit bleak.  I decided to come along because of the kind invitation, the topics that were being discussed and the chance to be with others who have gone through a similar experience.’

‘All sessions were useful and helpful.  I needed help and the 6 weeks has done just that.’

”I was feeling very low and unsure.  I decided to come at the last minute and was very pleased that I did.’

‘Every session was very helpful, especially talking to people in the same boat as you are.’

‘I wanted to thank you and Neville’s for putting on the above course.  Unfortunately I was only able to attend some of the events but found them very helpful and well presented.  Previously I had no idea such a programme was in force.  It is a good idea and it was a pleasant surprise to receive the information leaflet. Thank you again for your time and expense presenting it.  It is much appreciated.’

‘As usual very friendly, good tea, and the atmosphere is calming.’