When someone dies

First steps

Making the first call after someone has died is often the hardest thing to do. You can call us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so call us as soon as you feel you can. We will guide you through all that needs to be done, as what happens differs slightly, depending on where and how a death occurs.

Please refer to our Helpful Information booklet below for more information.

When the death occurs at home

When a death takes place at home you must notify the doctor’s surgery that the deceased is registered with. The GP, an out of hours doctor, paramedic or specialist nurse will need to attend to confirm the death. Once this has been completed you will then need to contact us so that we can attend and respectfully bring the deceased person to one of our funeral homes.

The doctor who has seen the deceased person more recently, and usually within the last 14 days, will normally issue the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death. It is this certificate you will need to take to the registrar in order to register the death. You will need to contact the GP surgery to establish when it will be made available for you to collect.

When the death occurs at a care home

If the deceased has died in a care home and it was an expected death, once the death has been confirmed by a qualified medical person we will bring the deceased into our local funeral home. You will need to contact the doctor’s surgery they were registered with to establish when the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death will be available for you to collect.

If it was unexpected, the death may get reported to the coroner, if this is the case the coroner’s office will contact you to explain the next steps.

When the death occurs in hospital

When someone dies in hospital it is not necessary for us to attend immediately. You may find it helpful however to contact us to begin the necessary arrangements for the funeral and for guidance on the next steps.

The hospital bereavement officer or a member of the nursing staff will speak to you and arrange for the Medical Certificate of Cause of Death to be issued. You will need to book a meeting with the registrar in the district of the hospital to register the death and you will need to take the certificate, along with other information, to this meeting.

We will ask if the funeral is to be a burial or a cremation. This is simply because we will need to request additional documentation from the hospital on your behalf.

When the death occurs away from home

Neville Funerals has many years of experience in arranging funerals where people have died elsewhere in the United Kingdom or abroad. Our staff will advise and guide you every step of the way. Our repatriation service provides assistance of the highest standard to the bereaved.

Bringing someone back to the United Kingdom
When someone dies abroad it is often the family’s wish to have that person brought back to the UK. Neville Funerals has wide experience of receiving coffins from all over the world and will be able to help and guide you every step of the way.

Repatriation to other countries

Neville Funerals has a wealth of experience in repatriating people to countries outside the UK. We also have strong links with funeral directors in Ireland and are proud to be members of the Irish Association of Funeral Directors. Whatever the circumstances we will make the process as smooth and as easy as possible.

Call us at any time, day or night +44 (0)1582 490005

As well as dealing directly with families, we also work with other funeral directors and insurance companies worldwide.

When the death is unexpected

When someone dies unexpectedly it is perfectly normal for the police to attend; they are there on behalf of the coroner to collect information. The deceased person will be moved to a local hospital, into the care of the coroner, so that further investigation may take place.

Contact us as soon as you feel able, as we will liaise with the coroner’s office on your behalf and guide you through the process, keeping you fully informed and supported, ensuring everything happens as you and your loved one would wish.

We would like to express our thanks to you for helping to make the funeral for mum as best we could during such unprecedented times. It was simple but extremely heartfelt. Thank you.

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