Many people gain comfort from having a memorial as a lasting memory for a loved one who has died.

Every burial ground has rules as to the type of memorial allowed.

We are here to help you choose the best memorial to your loved one, wherever they are laid to rest. We will guide you through the choices of material, shapes, designs and lettering. Our stonemasons will then skilfully create a beautiful, hand crafted memorial for your loved one. A member of our team will then let you know when the memorial stone is in place for you.

We offer a variety of memorials for both burial and cremation plots. We are also skilled in the refurbishment of older stones and recreating lettering styles for additional inscriptions.

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The effect of Covid-19 on our supply chain and the delivery of materials

We are doing our utmost to fulfil our clients’ orders as swiftly as possible but please understand that due to the current global pandemic, although the supply chain for the materials used by all memorial masons is still operational, the lead times have been affected.

Due to the global effect on business and employment the volume of world shipping has been reduced and this is having an impact on the timeliness of material deliveries.

We do share your frustrations if you are suffering delays but please be assured that we and our suppliers are doing everything that we possibly can to fulfil your order as quickly as possible. Please click this link for further information from our Memorials Manager.

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