Pre-need funerals

The death of a loved one can often make us think we would like a simple, straightforward way of planning our own funeral, giving peace of mind to family and friends in the future.

We have found over many years, that when people are faced with the prospect of arranging a funeral for someone they love, they are anxious to ensure that their loved one’s wishes are carried out wherever possible and when this has been achieved, it is very comforting.

Because we rarely talk about death and funerals before we need to, we generally would have no idea what our loved ones would want for their funeral.

A meeting with Neville Funeral directors

Fundamentally, a decision about burial or cremation has to be made and there are many considerations, most of which are upsetting and more difficult to deal with, once a death has taken place.

Thinking about your own funeral is never an easy thing to do but planning ahead using a Pre-Need Funeral Plan can bring real peace of mind and financial security.

With a funeral plan from Neville Funerals, you can rest assured that your personal funeral wishes will be granted and your plan will cover our costs at today’s prices as set in the plan. 

Each plan also includes a contribution towards third party costs such as clergy and doctors’ fees. It is a straightforward way to ease the financial and emotional burden on your family.

Anyone can take out a funeral plan. There is no upper age limit and no questions about your health will be asked.  

At Neville Funerals, we pride ourselves on giving you the funeral you want.

You can choose either burial or cremation and if there are any special details that you would like, such as hymns or readings, you can include this on your Purchase Agreement, so your wishes are made known at the time of your death.

Our plans are very flexible, so if you change your mind or would like to add any other requests, you can do so at any time.

All our plans are covered by the Code of Practice of the Funeral Planning Authority.